1. Partnership Link

(formerly TEAMSHEET)

Partnership Link is an A4 Information Sheet which in normal times is published each week for distribution in each of our five churches (now including All Saints’, Wytham). One side gives information which is common to all five congregations. On the other side each congregation independently provides information on its own local activities. The common side of the current issue may be seen as on the News and Events pages at Partnership Link.

Previous members of the editorial team at work

Previous members of the editorial team at work

2. The Quarterly

The Quarterly (previously The Parish Quarterly) complements Partnership Link and is, in effect, a Parish Magazine for the five churches. It is open to a wide range of articles submitted by members of all five congregations and currently has an editorial team of three drawn from three of our five churches. The photograph shows earlier members of the team at work.

Click on Current Issue to see the September 2020 issue, the third in this, the nineteenth, year of publication.

3. Church Partnership Calendar

The publication of this Calendar ceased with the September to December 2019 issue.

4. Christmas Services

Each year the Summertown-Wolvercote Church Partnership produces and delivers to all households in the Summertown and Wolvercote area a Christmas Card listing all the Christmas Services in our four churches.

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