Coffee Cafe

Coffee Cafe in full swing

Coffee Cafe in full swing

Coffee Café 2017

The first Coffee Café in 2017 will be on Saturday 13th May. The café will continue at weekly intervals until Saturday 9th September.

The cafe takes place on the forecourt outside the United Reformed Church on Saturday mornings during the summer months, May to September. It is manned by a rota of members from our four churches. Coffee and biscuits are served to church members and to passing members of the public. The overall profits are donated to a specific charitable cause. In recent years this has been the Cutteslowe Community Association which regularly benefits by a sum of the order of £400. In addition a cake or similar stall is present each week raising money for different charitable concerns. Normally there are about 20 such stalls raising between them a sum in excess of £3000.

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