Taung Link

For over 20 years, the Partnership Churches have enjoyed a close link with St Chad’s, Taung, in the Kimberley and Kuruman Diocese, in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa. Our local link is part of the link between the Diocese of Oxford and the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman. At our end the link is administered by a group drawn from each of our five congregations.

Sue Smith (St Michael’s) has written a short article about our link parish, St Chad’s church and the surrounding area. View here, It was written at the request of Nick Molony, Diocese of Oxford link co-ordinator, and circulated to other parish links in our diocese.

Photographs show Fr Kubeka and members of St Chad’s congregation celebrating All Souls 2020


Joint Conference, July 2020
A joint conference of the Oxford and Kimberley & Kuruman Dioceses was planned for July 2020 in Oxford. In the expectation that we would be receiving some visitors from St. Chad’s at that time, the Link Group held events to raise funds so we could offer them a programme of hospitality after the Conference. The event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information, contactyour church representative, Sue Smith (St Michael’s), Rosemary Williams (St Peter’s), Gill Harper (Wolvercote Baptist Church) and Beryl Knotts (Summertown URC).

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