In the early 19th century, a house in the lower village was licensed as a Dissenters’ Meeting House. This later lapsed, but there remained a Non-Conformist following in the village which worshipped at the Congregational Church in Summertown or the New Road Baptist Church in Oxford. From this latter church, Mr Ernest Alden came on mission in 1884 preaching on the village green. This resulted in a church group first meeting in a house, then a barn, and then a church building raised in 1886.

Mr Alden, a Master Butcher, was the Lay Pastor for just over 50 years. There followed many years of pastoral help from the Baptist Regent’s Park College in Oxford, with students and also for a period of 20 years or so, the Revd Dr John Morgan-Wynne, a tutor, who was Honorary Pastor. In September 2014 Rev’d Shona Shaw joined us as our part-time minister. Shona leads worship on two Sundays every month. On the remaining Sundays we welcome student ministers, lay preachers and other local ministers to lead our worship.